App Development


We have over 20 years of coding, UX/UI and development experience. This combined with our design and creative skill-set is a potent mix that results in beautiful, reliable and funtional mobile app solutions for your business.



Bobby Bean collaborated with the talented team at Qpal to design and develop an app that solved this universal problem. The client made it clear this was not a number queuing system. It was a platform that provided flexible part time work to young students and time surplus people to earn cash by lining up for people with cash and scarcity of time.



Votee is a social polling app that  helps users ask their friends for opinions. Snap a pic, ask a question and let the answers roll in. The core user base is in mainland China and Hong Kong with over 100,000 users and growing. Votee has been featured in Amazon, MI, Baidu and Tencent app stores in China.


Toyota Landcruiser Challenge


Toyota desired a creative solution to raise awareness for their Landcruiser 4WD product line. Toyota was attracted to the virility of mobile apps and wanted a unique app that was fun, engaging and innovative. Bobby Bean delivered an augmented reality app that utilised high tech GPS and GEO fencing capabilities with gamification. Challenges included balancing battery drain with the heavy use of GPS. Bobby Bean was responsible for app front and back end as well as UX/UI design. We collaborated with Saatchi and Saatchi who helped to market the app after its launch.



A magical audio book player that syncs with your dropbox. Bobbybean was tasked with designing the UX/UI of this elegant and robust audio book. Development was done in swift along with animations.


Kuggle App

Bobbybean was tasked with creating the Kuggle identity from the ground up. We had to create a logo and app interface based on Kuggle’s culture of social, happiness, inclusiveness and just a little bit of quirky. The Kuggler – a cute, mysterious creature who just loves being around people. The app continues to build on the fun vibe of the Kuggler, and makes for a great experience that people love coming back to.


What I Eat

What I Eat is a simple diet planning app, allowing users to track their calories per meal. What seems like a dull routine app is brought alive by dynamic animations and beautiful, but subtly, color highlights.

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