Twipe: A Simple Audio Book Player

Fields: UX/UI, Wireframing, Mobile apps, App development

The Challenge

Bobbybean offered its best effort at Garage48 hackaton in Lviv, designing this app in a mere 48 hours.

The Solution

Bobby Bean delivered a simple yet beautiful audio book solution. Pause, play, skip and a easy way to navigate your books. Color scheme soft tones of blue and violet, classic vibes and pleasing to the eye.


Coded in Swift, Twipe is a professional audio book player. You can sync you library with your dropbox and Twipe will populate its library automatically. Animations are coded in swift.

Carousel Navigation and Profile

On the left, we have our main carousel screen where you can swipe to browse your books. Notable navigation nuances include a search and jump to current audio buttons.

On the right is our users’ profile screen. Here you can view various stats on your listening progress. Note the share button, this allows the users to share their stats to other users on social media in addition to inviting others’ to use the app.

Main navigation carousel screen

Listening timeline with navigation bookmarks