The Challenge

Bobbybean was tasked with creating the Kuggle identity from the ground up. We had to create a logo and app interface based on Kuggle’s culture of social, happiness, inclusiveness and just a little bit of quirky.

The Solution

The Kuggler – a cute, mysterious creature who just loves being around people. The app continues to build on the fun vibe of the Kuggler, and makes for a great experience that people love coming back to.

Welcome Screen

Bobbybean designed the mascot to appeal to the Asian aesthetic. Here we show a family of Kugglers a fun social vibe, fit for this vibrant app.

Discovery Screen

Purpose Cards

Main component of the screen are the ‘Purpose’ cards. Presented beautifully and center, the user can swipe on a card right to chat or discard if not interested. The card displays user’s location and an alias. If you like a purpose, tap or swipe right to know them more.

Tap to check-in

Kuggle encourages users to meet in person because it’s so much more sincere, and fun! Tap to check-in appears when you’re near a certified Kuggle venue. Tap it to affirm you’re in that location and reveal ‘deals’ and ‘dares’. See the next product shots to understand more about what these are.


Deals and Dares


After tapping to check-in to confirm you’re in that venue, Kuggle will reveal ‘deals’ and ‘dares’ exclusive to that venue. Deals are exclusive menu items or discounts. Dares are unique challenges that you can do, like eating 1kg of spaghetti in 20 minutes and receive a generous reward.


Deals Screen

Tap on deals to reveal what special deal is on offer. In Kuggle, the more you chat with users, the more points you earn. This can be exchanged for a discount or in the case above, access to a secret menu item ‘Blue Cheese Pizza’.


Dares Screen

Tap on dares to reveal what challenges the venue has. In this example above, the challenge is to consume 1kg of pasta in 3 minutes. The reward? Eternal bragging points and you get the pasta for free.


Kuggle Commercial

Bobbybean produced, directed and wrote the Kuggle commercial. We partnered with Second Floor Cafe, one of Taiwan’s leading cafe chains. A beautiful venue to shoot. The crew of over 20 thoroughly enjoyed the shoot and it was a huge success.