Fields: Branding, Logo Design, Graphic Art, Product Design

BobbyBean led the design for our brand identity at Penorama Inc. The Bobby team worked arduously to produce an artistic outcome that was absolutely perfect for our TA. But not after countless iterations. The Bobby team truly puts passion into practice and worked above and beyond. Their intuition for communicating through beautiful words, the aesthetic and philosophical charm is succinct and full of impact.

Pattana Lee

CEO, Penorama Inc

The Challenge

Penorama (client) specializes in creating smart pens targeted towards students and artists. Their flagship product “the One Pen” works just like a normal pen, but also intelligently digitizes all written ink to your smart phone. The balance of traditional ink and cutting edge technology is at heart of Penorama’s brand identity. Penorama challenged us to create a brand identity for their product: ‘the One Pen’.

The Solution

Client was passionate yet unclear about the feelings they wanted to convey through the brand. They wanted something desirable, economical, hand written, creative, fun, elegant yet conservative. A plethora of conflicting feelings and themes. Design is an iterative process. Sometimes solutions present themselves easily, others can be very difficult. Below is the process of finding the design they loved.