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Dearest Friends at Bobby Bean. Just WOW. From beginning to end, you bore with us and the end result was totally worth the thousands of iterations. The community at JNN is in awe of the new website. Traffic is better than ever and it’s a pleasure to launch our World Tour on this beautiful platform you guys have gifted us.
Mark Tarpinian

CEO, Joy News Network Inc

The Challenge

The founders of Joy News Network desperately needed a site re-design and a refresh to their branding. Their dedication to bringing joyful news and positive psychology to the world came from the heart, but their website from the 1990s was archaic.

The Solution

Bobby Bean delivered a totally refreshed logo that really stems from the heart. In addition, we totally re-designed the website with a responsive mobile friendly site. Fresh, bright and resonating from the heart!

The logo is inspired by JNN’s philosophy of living and growing our community from the heart. Through our hearts and minds we create foundations; roots that allow us continuous growth, first within ourselves. But more then that, our inspired selves can ignite positive change in others and in turn, the entire world.



Web Design


Web Development

40 Day Turnaround

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World Tour Sold Out!

JNN World Tour Sold Out

Traffic Spike

4 months traffic up 550%