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Kaffeine PR

‘Kaffeine’ is a public relations firm who desired a brand identity overhaul. Their culture is deeply committed to understanding human desires and fears. We took inspiration from the ‘Rorschach Test’ a procedure to reveal individual desires and fears. This new identity resonated strongly with Kaffeine’s commitment to identify and solve their client’s tasks/conflicts in any sphere of interaction within our society.


One Pen

Penorama (client) specializes in creating smart pens targeted towards students and artists. Their flagship product “the One Pen” works just like a normal pen, but also intelligently digitizes all written ink to your smart phone. The balance of traditional ink and cutting edge technology is at heart of Penorama’s brand identity. Penorama challenged Bobby Bean to create a brand identity for their product: ‘the One Pen’.


Boulangerie Bakery

We were asked to create a warm cosy identity to this very classic cafe bakery. Inspired by the fresh smell of coffee in the morning, we took inspiration from classic and quirky art and a color palette inspired by the sunrise.


Black Dot Fashion

Clients wanted a logo that reflected the understated elegance of their men’s fashion range, and could be applied across all mediums including clothing, accessories, bags and stationary.

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